Training Seminars 2019

There are two categories:

  1. For those who will learn IPT/IPTLD® for the first time
  2. For those who seek to recertify or update in the protocol.

This year there will be 4 training seminars; 3 in English and 1 in Spanish. These training seminars will be held by Donato Pérez García.

  1. APRIL 22th until 26th – Training Seminar in IPT/IPTLD® in ENGLISH at Hospital Angeles Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
  2. MAY 13th until 17th – Training Seminar in IPT/IPTLD® in SPANISH at Hospital Angeles Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
  3. SEPTEMBER 2th until 6th – Training Seminar IPT/IPTLD® in ENGLISH at Hospital Angeles Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
  4. OCTOBER 21st until 25th – Training Seminar IPT.IPTLD® in ENGLISH at IPT Global Conference 2019 in Fulda, Germany.

You may also schedule personal training within prior notification.

For more information you may contact Dr. Donato directly in the contact Us section.

This are the basic topics held in an IPT/IPTLD® training seminar:

The Standard of Care using IPT/IPTLD®

1) Brief History about IPT/IPTLD2) Introduction to IPT/IPTLD

3) Practice of IPT/IPTLD

4) Patient Selection

5) Patient screening (initial-pre-Tx-Post TX)

6) Patient management

7) Insulin

8) Therapeutic Moment

9) Non treatment days program

10) Nursing Perspectives

10.1) Patient arrival

10.2) Supplies

10.3) Patient set up

10.4) Medications. Labeling

10.5) Start IV

10.6) Blood sugar monitoring. Pre- T.M- Post

10.7) Insulin administration.

10.8) Oral, IM medications

10.9) Monitoring common reactions to insulin.

10.10) Hypoglycemia

10.11)Glucose 50% to end hypoglycemia & T.M.

A Statement on Competing Organizations

Dr. Donato Perez Garcia was a founding member of an organization, which has subsequently positioned itself as a competing organization in respect to the offering of education and training in the technique known as Insulin Potentiation Therapy or IPT for profit. Dr. Donato resigned from this organization, and requested that all materials and references to insulin potentiation therapy, IPT or IPTLD not to be used in the promotion of this organization’s operations. As of 2019, this organization, which has positioned itself as a competing organization does not have an agreement or mutually agreed upon contract which legally and ethically grants training in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), as discovered by the late Donato Perez Garcia, MD., and developed through my work, and that of my colleague Steven G. Ayre MD. The educational endorsement of training in IPT by this competing organization has been misappropriated without written permission, and without legal or ethical right.

Dr. Donato Perez Garcia (3rd generation of MD’s) recognizes that there are some fine doctors who publicly identify as members of the competing group, however several have not been properly trained or renewed their IPT Certificate. Dr. Donato has vigorously invited these doctors to renew or take the IPT training workshop.

Dr. Donato does not wish to censure any individual physician colleague or disseminate defamatory material on the competing organization. His motives – aligned with those of the European Academy for IPT (EAIPT) – are to promote an effective and standardized method of education and training on the techniques, and to ensure the best possible outcome for patients seeking this treatment alternative.

The organization which has positioned itself to compete with Donato Perez Garcia MD on the education of Insulin Potentiation Therapy does not have the authority to issue IPT Certificates or list trained doctors on IPT the medical treatment, as discovered by the late Donato Perez Garcia, MD and contemporarily promoted by his grandson of the same name. The organized efforts of any competing organization in seeking profit from the dissemination and education of the technique known as Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) are in violation of the respectful acknowledgement of copyright law and medical ethics.

Atentamente / Sincerely,
Donato Perez Garcia, MD
Telef / Phone: +1.619.798.8017