Official Website of Academy IPT



  Contact Dr. Donato by email:

  Send a scanned copy of your medical diploma

  Send a Scan copy of your professional license to practice medicine

  You must have at least 5 year’s experience and have no medical-legal priors due to malpractice or negligence.

  Copy of your Curriculum Vitae

  Personal letter addressed to Dr. Donato exposing motives for which you seek training in Insulin Potentiation Therapy

 Current Digital Photo of the candidate

  Pay the training fee and Diploma fee. (Dr. Donato will send you this information and method of payment)

  All certification as an IPT Physician must include Dr. Donato’s signature in order to be admitted to the IPT Academy.

Once your documents have been received and verified, Dr. Donato or the authorized instructor of your choice will send a link where you can register electronically online.

You will need to present yourself at the appointed date and time for training.

Once you’ve concluded certification, you’ll receive a Diploma and Certification Credential to practice IPT/IPTLD® Your name will be added to our directory of certified doctors in the official web page of the European Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy and Dr. Donato’s official web page.