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Make this statement an important because your IPT Certified Practitioner Diploma does not make you an IPT Instructor and you are not authorized to organize any educational program, workshop or similar teaching event to train other health practitioners. All nurse(s) and another medical professional working in your Clinic, Office or Hospital, should be properly trained on IPT/IPTLD by an approved/certified IPT/IPTLD Instructor. Training other health professionals will immediately cause the revocation of your IPT/IPTLD privileges as a Certified Practitioner and cancellation of your license to practice IPT/IPTLD.

The Discoverer of Insulin Potentiation Therapy was the late Donato Perez Garcia, MD (1896-1971). Forty-eight years after his death, I am proud to represent the legacy of my grandfather and my father after him, since becoming licensed as a physician in 1983. This legacy is a unique one, with father passing along to son the gifts, wisdom, and knowledge gained only through many years of invention, triumphs, and struggle in the practice of medicine. I seek to pass along the same hard fought wisdom, knowledge, and gifts through our Insulin Potentiation Therapy training and certification program, offered in concert with the European Academy for IPT (EAIPT). Certified IPT Practitioners who have successfully completed and maintained their education in the practice of the therapy are listed on the Academy for IPT Directory website.

How and where I can learn about the procedure called Insulin Potentiation Therapy as taught by Donato Perez Garcia, MD.

You can make your personal training course with Donato Perez Garcia, MD to learn insulin potentiation therapy. Dr. Donato is the Senior & Chief IPT Instructor. He is responsible for teaching you all about IPT and he will issue your IPT Certified Practitioner Diploma. Also you can set your training with one of the Certified IPT/IPTLD Instructors that have been approved by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, MD. To be trained with Donato Perez Garcia, MD send him an email to:

In all cases you must submit to the instructor of your choice a copy of your Medical Diploma, license to practice medicine, CV, letter requesting IPT training, CV and a digital photo of yourself. The instructor will give you the fee you should pay to attend the workshop. Once your documents are received by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, MD and your IPT Instructor sends your registration form you will receive an email from Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, MD to verify your data and an invoice to pay your IPT Certification Diploma issued by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia. This fee is in addition to the Instructors fee. Official IPT Certified Practitioners Diplomas are only issued by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia and represents your status as an IPT Practitioner.

There is a difference between attending an IPT/IPTLD training workshop where you will be certified in the medical procedure named insulin potentiation therapy and you will receive a Diploma certifying your status. Being member with the Academy for IPT is optional. But if you want to be listed in the Official Directory of IPT Certified Practitioners you need to join the Academy and pay the annual membership fee. As a member you will get access to the archives & library of articles about IPT. A subscription to the eMagazine and special registration fees for the annual IPT Conference. Active members when they are required to renew their IPT Certified Practitioner status the credits given by attending the annual Conference will be used to choose the renewal of your Diploma by Donato Perez Garcia, MD.

When you take the training workshop you receive a Diploma that will be valid for 3 or 5 years. You are required to renew your knowledge on IPT/IPTLD by attending the annual Conferences or by taking an oral & written test. This has a fee. You are encouraged to attend the education meetings so your renewal will be automatic and you will only pay the fee to renew your Diploma. You can arrange your IPT/IPTLD training workshop with Donato Perez Garcia, MD in Mexico by looking into your Agenda and select at least 4 dates (5 days, Mon-Fri) throughout the year so I can also look which of your selected dates do not interfere with my activities.

This are the topics of the The Standard of Care using IPT/IPTLD training workshop.


  1. 1) Brief History about IPT/IPTLD
  2. 2) Introduction to IPT/IPTLD
  3. 3) Practice of IPT/IPTLD
  4. 4) Patient Selection
  5. 5) Patient screening (initial-pre-Tx-PostTX)
  6. 6) Patient management
  7. 7) Insulin
  8. 8) Therapeutic Moment
  9. 9) Non treatment days program
  10. 10) Nursing Perspectives
  1. 10.1) Patient arrival
  2. 10.2) Supplies
  3. 10.3) Patient set up
  4. 10.4) Medications. Labeling
  5. 10.5) Start IV
  6. 10.6) Blood sugar monitoring. Pre- T.M- Post
  7. 10.7) Insulin administration.
  8. 10.8) Oral, IM medications
  9. 10.9) Monitoring common reactions to insulin.
  10. 10.10) Hypoglycemia
  11. 10.11) Glucose 50% to end hypoglycemia & T.M.

A Statement on non approved Instructors and Organizations.

Dr. Donato Perez Garcia was a founding member of an organization, which has subsequently positioned itself as a competing organization in respect to the offering of education and training in the technique known as Insulin Potentiation Therapy or IPT for profit. Dr. Donato resigned from this organization, and requested that all materials and references to insulin potentiation therapy, IPT or IPTLD not to be used in the promotion of this organization’s operations. As of 2019, this organization, which has positioned itself as a competing organization does not have an agreement or mutually agreed upon contract which legally and ethically grants training in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), as discovered by the late Donato Perez Garcia, MD., and developed through my work, and that of my colleague Steven G. Ayre MD. The educational endorsement of training in IPT by this competing organization has been misappropriated without written permission, and without legal or ethical right.

Dr. Donato Perez Garcia (3rd generation of MD’s) recognizes that there are some fine doctors who publicly identify as members of the competing group, however several have not been properly trained or renewed their IPT Certificate. Dr. Donato has vigorously invited these doctors to renew or take the IPT training workshop.

Dr. Donato does not wish to censure any individual physician colleague or disseminate defamatory material on the competing organization. His motives – aligned with those of the European Academy for IPT (EAIPT) – are to promote an effective and standardized method of education and training on the techniques, and to ensure the best possible outcome for patients seeking this treatment alternative.

The organization which has positioned itself to compete with Donato Perez Garcia MD on the education of Insulin Potentiation Therapy does not have the authority to issue IPT Certificates or list trained doctors on IPT the medical treatment, as discovered by the late Donato Perez Garcia, MD and contemporarily promoted by his grandson of the same name. The organized efforts of any competing organization in seeking profit from the dissemination and education of the technique known as Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) are in violation of the respectful acknowledgement of copyright law and medical ethics.

You can take a teaching lesson from one of this IPT Instructors that have been authorized by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, MD to train other doctors and nurses.

This are the Certified IPT/IOPT:LD Instructors as of October 2019:

  1. 1) Donato Perez Garcia, MD (Mexico) Senior & Chief IPT Instructor
  2. 2) Thomas Kroiss, MD. (Austria)
  3. 3) Hartmut Baltin, MD (Germany)
  4. 4) Sachihiko Okuno, MD. (Japan)
  5. 5) Leonid Macheret, MD (USA)

Comment by Thomas Kroiss on what is to be a Certified IPT Practitioner:

There is a difference between ”also do IPT” or being an “IPT professional”. An IPT professional you become by really looking into the procedure and the side treatments and what other doctors do in IPT and what Donato continually gets out of the 82 years’ experience of his family: The aim is to become virtuous.

Most doctors do an initial education (2 days seminar) and they go and make homepages and present themselves as if they have invented it. When I visit them and look what they are doing – and it is terrible. Even the nurse cannot check the blood sugar correctly (blood mixed with alcohol on the fingertip) and the doctor does not know what is going on. In order to compensate that they construct a treatment monster of 5 different things under the motto “something is going to work”. Unfortunately the patients tend to think the same and are thankful for that in the first moment but it becomes expensive and they quit after the “8th treatment”, running out of money saying “it did not work”.

I am not trying to be ‘my way only’. What I am asking for is respect and honor to the years spent by my family and myself, and to allow me the opportunity to present and share scientific research and advancements. I am also asking for a team of physicians and medical professionals to join together and grow upon what has been accomplished thus far. We can accomplish this together, as minds working toward the same goal for the advancements in IPT. A goal of the Academy is to create a standard, an IPT technique and for the establishment of stronger guidelines. It is common for patients to receive false therapies and dangerous protocols being advertised as IPT. This hurts the very core of IPT/IPTLD.

When you were trained in the IPT technique, you were required to follow guidelines. No one should take off with information and then use it the way they see best, disregarding the recommendations which were taught.

I welcome your comments, ideas, and thoughts. I ask this from every physician. However I do not ask that everyone claims IPT to be their own. That was never the intention of any member of the Donato legacy. Our intention is to move forward with the betterment as a whole and I only ask a listening ear and respect during the process.

Of course a doctor can continue to use the letters IPT. However, if they claim to use the trademarked protocol, use the papers and the information available in magazines and books, it must be understand that there are administration rules to follow as Dr Donato Perez teaches and practices. If guidelines are not followed, where is the support for the technique being used?

Again, I wish to move beyond the ‘I am the only one’ or ‘I am the best’ and further the teachings of IPT. The Academy is open to interested doctors. Yes, I hold the legal rights, copyright and manual to IPT / IPTLD. This is not to say I hold nor want to claim the right to all future advancements.

Instead of being combative, please join the Academy. The IPT technique has been in use since 1930. Many substances and delivery methods have been tested since that date, some did not produce the expected, or better, results and today what we must do is adhere to a standard protocol. Then we can give information about what substances are best combined, in what time frame; what is best to use and best not to use.

If someone chooses to open their own school about IPT, I ask that they do not use my name, my family name and/or references to the name. Many long hours and hard work is behind this work; this requires respect and honor.


#IPT© or #IPTLD®, it is a metabolic supported chemotherapy It involves fasting, insulin and chemotherapy. This is not a miracle product or the cure that is hidden from you. It is a safe treatment alternative.