63 year old female with a history of breast cancer in 1981 who complained of pelvic pain and swelling. There is a history of cancer in the family: the mother of the patient had breast and ovarian cancer at the same time of life as the patient did.


A CT scan was performed 5/9/07,which raised suspicions and recommended a follow-up scan performed on 5/17/05. This scan diagnosed Ovarian Cancer Stage IV. There were numerous enlarged lymph nodes throughout the abdomen, a mass along the right side of the uterus measuring 6 x 6 cm and a mass on the left abdominal wall measuring 6 x 4 cm. Blood tests from 5/19/05 had CA 125 levels at 506.

Initial Treatment

The patient opted for a natural treatment for her breast cancer. With the diagnosis of ovarian cancer, the patient refused surgery to debulk the tumors and opted for IPT.

IPT History

First Round: The patient received IPT treatments in Arizona with Dr. Tom Lodi. By 11/14/05 she had received 19 treatments. Blood test results from 7/28/05 had the CA 125 levels down to 58. The CT scan from 8/01/05 noted that the mass on the left abdominal wall had shown a decrease in size and measured 4.3 x 2.9 cm. Two weeks later saw a drop of CA 125 levels to 54.

Second Round: The patient started to complain of swelling in her right leg in October and a clot was discovered and she underwent ecannulization. She eventually had to undergo surgery to remove the clot on 12/8/05. Due to proximity, the patient transferred to Dr. Ayre where it was agreed upon that she would continue with IPT after her surgery. A CT scan performed 12/12/05 after her surgery once again remarked on a decrease of the left abdominal mass to 1 x 1cm as well as a decrease in the other large mass on the right, after an initial growth period noted in the previous CT scan. Her CA 125 levels were down to 35 as well by the end of December. The patients topped IPT treatmetnts due to surgery. The right side mass decreased in size even more by 3/3/06, measuring 5.4 cm, but there was a rise in the CA 125 to 317. The patient returned to Dr. Ayre for IPT 5/9/06 and received 15 treatments up until 11/2/06. CT scans had Another blood test from 5/23/06 had CA 125 levels at 357. By 6/6/06, they had decreased to 201 but the CT scan from the same time showed progression of the tumors from last scan in March. CA 125 had fallen to 131 by 7/7/06 and at the end of that month were at 90. The CT scan from 7/12/06 scan showed slight decrease in size of the left tumor but Dr. Ayre still advised the patient to have surgery which she did on 8/30/06 and the day before her surgery a blood test had her CA 125 levels at 55. One month later on 9/29/06 her blood registered a CA 125 level of 14. She stopped treatments due to surgery and recovery from 8/17/06 until 10/3/06 when she had another 4. At the end of her treatments, on 11/17/06 her CA 125 registered as 9. Follow up care has been done through observing tumor markers, which remained stable until August of this year with another rise noted in September. A CT scan was performed on 9/20/07 after these results, but came back with no abnormalities present.

Adjuvant Therapies

The patient followed a raw foods diet while being seen in Arizona and started a supplement regime. Had colonics, H2O2 treatments as well as lymph massage.

The patient continues to do well.

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