Cervical Cancer



48 year old female with a history of cervical cancer. The patient was originally diagnosed with Squamous Cell Cervical Cancer Stage II-B on 11/28/00. At the time of consult for IPT, the patient had Stage IV cancer, which was diagnosed when lung metastases were found on a CT scan from December 2001.

Initial Treatment

After the original diagnosis, the patient underwent 28 external and 5 internal radiation sessions. Chemotherapy (Cisplatin) was also administered along with the internal sessions of radiation. CT scans came back clear until December of 2001 when metastases were discovered in the lungs. The patient chose alternative therapies for tumor control, mainly involving a vegetarian diet and various immune system supplements. No change in tumors until CT scan of 9/12/02: showed lesion on cervix measuring 2.5x 1.3x 2.9 cm; multiple chest nodules, the largest in the right lower lobe measuring 3.7x 3.3 cm, the right upper lobe nodule was 3.3x 3.1 cm and in the left upper lobe was a nodule measuring 2.7x 2.1 cm.

IPT History

First round: The first treatment of IPT was given by Dr.Waters on 9/25/02. The patient saw Dr. Ayre on 10/01/02 and had 12 treatments of IPT until 12/11/02. A progress update was wanted so a CT scan was performed on 12/17/02. This scan showed tumor elimination or significant elimination of many of the smaller nodules with significant reduction of the remaining ones after the twelve treatments of IPT. On 12/18/02 the patient suffers from a seizure and from subsequent MRI, 4 brain lesions are discovered, two on each side of the brain. Patient holds off of IPT treatment to deal with brain metastases. Undergoes steroid treatments and anti-seizure medications. Suffers a second seizure (1/03) and loses movement on right side of the body. She is evaluated and scheduled for a craniotomy to remove tumors on the right side of the brain (1/31/03) and has Gamma Knife surgery (2/06/03) to address 3 tumors on the left side. Both are successful. Regains movement on right side of the body and can walk unaided. Undergoes full-brain irradiation from 2/19/03 – 3/12/03. Energy level, appetite, and general well-being suffer. Contracts virus and chest and abdomen CT’s from 4/18/03 show growth in the lung tumors and a new lesion on the liver.

Second Round: The patient returns for second round of IPT 6/17/03 with a change in drug regime. Patient undergoes 10 treatments up to 9/3/03, having to go to the hospital to have fluid removed from around lungs several times, but CT scans from 8/03 show tumor growth in the chest and abdomen. Patient decides to try conventional full-dose chemotherapy.

Adjuvant Treatments

The patient started to take LDN in June of 2002 to boost immunes system. She changed her diet and took many supplementary vitamins and minerals. She had high-dose Vitamin C treatments as well as Ozone treatments.

The patient died 12/8/03.

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