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Academy’s History

The European Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy was founded on October of 2010 by Dr. Thomas Kroiss in Austria.

With over 16 years as an active participant in IPT/IPTLD® seminars and conferences, he took close notice of the necessity of joining alliances with other officially trained doctors, in search of mutual support in solving patient cases while treated with IPT, maintaining communication with high experienced colleagues, thus gaining more perfectionism in the protocol.


Thinking ahead in the high growing problem of plagiarism and IPT piracy from doctors and health institutions mainly in the United States, that took for themselves this treatment without giving credit to the rightful discoverer, Dr. Kroiss took initiative in founding this academy to prevent something like that from happening in Europe. He got in touch with Dr. Donato Pérez García, who gave consent to found and association dedicated to the pursuit of keeping track and joining in one place all IPT Physicians, he was named as permanent Honorary President of the Academy, so no one can self-claim intellectual proprietors of IPT/IPTLD® for personal gain.

Once founded, the European Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy opened its doors to doctors all over the world seeking legitimate training by the Professor of Education, Dr. Donato, who then refers them to register as academy members to further their knowledge, experience and to become active participants, offering a high standard of education and performance in the administration of the protocol Insulin Potentiation Therapy.