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We are a European civil association of medical doctors and healthcare professionals, officially certified in the medical protocol of Insulin Potentiation Therapy, taught by Donato Pérez García (legal proprietor of intellectual knowledge in this therapy and living grandson of the rightful discoverer). The Academy is integrated by doctors from over 18 countries, joined by a common goal to practice IPT/IPLD® within the ethic codes and scientific principles of its founder for the betterment and wellbeing of patients worldwide.

The European Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy represents over 80 years of history in propagating the discovery of the Mexican military doctor Donato Pérez García, Sr. (1896-1971) that throughout 3 generations have preserved this knowledge and offers it to that seek to learn an alternative healing method, specially to cancer patients.

The Academy was also founded as a preventive association towards the high growing problem concerning IPT Piracy from doctors and institutions offering an alleged version of IPT but are not properly trained nor do they hold consent from the proprietor of intellectual knowledge, Dr. Donato Pérez García. One of the academy’s main goal is to alert patients concerning dangers in consulting or receiving “IPT” from non-officially certified doctors, putting patient’s wellbeing and security above all.

Our Academy seeks to attend all ethical, professional, scientific and business related necessities related to the protocol IPT/IPTLD® and its members all over the globe, we are a support community and social alliance for all certified members; sharing our mutual experience and scientific knowledge, training medical doctors, natural and homeopathic doctors, nurses even vet nary doctors, clinics and hospitals so they may offer IPT/IPTLD® as a holistic healing therapy to patients, we offer training tools like seminars, conferences and training workshops to keep our IPT Physicians updated and sharp so they may administer IPT/IPTLD® with excellence.