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12th Global Conference On IPT. Sofia,Bulgaria,Europe. October 13,14 & 15,2016.

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By IPT Academy Team


The European Academy for Insulin Potentation Therapy (IPT/IPTLD) , welcomes you to the 12th Global Conference on Insulin Potentiation Therapy or IPT/IPTLD® to be held on October 14 & 15, 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe.

We kindly invite all certified practitioners as well as those colleagues, who are interested in the training on IPT, to join the conference. For those who are new and would like to learn Insulin Potentation Therapy or IPT/IPTLD on Thursday October 13, 2016 from 9 till 17 a workshop to introduce you to the practice of IPT/IPTLD will be given by Donato Pérez García, MD. You will learn the basic principles of IPT./IPTLD and if you attend this introductory workshop you will be eligible to take the hands on training Workshop with Donato Pérez García, MD at a reduced fee. Also if you attend this introductory workshop you can also attend the 2 day Conference by paying the new member fee.

In the luxurious ambience of 5-star-hotel Grand Sofia, Bulgaria,Europe we offer our participants lectures and workshops to several themes according to IPT that will cover topics from nutrition, hormones, non cancer protocols, clinical cases discussion, and review of protocols for some solid tumors using IPT/IPTLD.

Dr. med. Hartmut Baltin,
President European Academy for Insulin Potentation Therapy (IPT/IPTLD®)


12th Global Conference on IPT
Grand Hotel Sofia
October 14 & 15, 2016
Two day Conference fee:
Active 2015-2016 Members of Academy for IPT: 290 euro (early bird registration from March 28 – April 27, 2016 fee is 250 euro). NON REFUNDABLE
IPT Certified Doctors, non Academy for IPT Members: 590 euro (early bird registration from March 28 – April 27, 2016 fee is 550 euro). NON REFUNDABLE
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, update, share your experiences and meet other doctors from around the earth at a very special and low fees.
Lectures will include:

*Day 1* Friday October 14, 2016
Basics of pathophysiology and physiology and the resulting therapy concepts under the aspects of poor side-effect generating
Dental problems, chronic infections Craniomandibular Problems
Case reports plus protocol of the single case
IPT + local hyperthermia
other synergistic treatment options
Imagination, kinesiology and objectivism

*Day 2* Saturday October 15, 2016
Adrenal insufficiency (with lab-protocol )
Allergic protocol, nutrition city, individual food concepts
Testing of compatibility: medication, food, + labtest verification)
Comments of modern physics, quantitative EEG
Interim intake protocol
Case reports + protocols


Grand Hotel Sofia
1 Gurko Str.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria. Europe.
Tel: +359-2811-0898
Grand Hotel Sofia


Take advantage of the special room rate of 116 euros per night. Offer valid from April 1, 2016 till May 15, 2016. After May 16th, the room rate will be 170 euros per night. Hurry up:

Click on the LINK below to email your questions:
IPTAcademy email Conference 2016

If you need additional info for 12th IPT Global Conference, please contact:

Donato Pérez García, MD
Telephone (USA/MEX)1-619-798-8017 (Pacific Standard Time -9 GMT. Tijuana,BC.Mexico)

Hartmut Baltin, MD

Rebecca Ayre Stealy, RN BSN

Telephone (USA): 1-630-321-9010 (Central Standard Time -7 GMT. Burr Ridge, Illinois.USA)

IPT/IPTLD Preconference workshop. Thursday October 13, 2016
with Donato Pérez García, MD.

The Academy for IPT/IPTLD is the official professional organization of IPT/IPTLD physicians and was established to oversee the ethical, professional, scientific and business related development of IPT/IPTLD within each member’s respective community and our global society at large. The intention of the Academy is to assure that IPT/IPTLD is taught and practiced with knowledge and ethics and that all physicians involved are afforded the sharing of solid experience tempered with innovative excellence and that physicians are kept abreast in precise IPT methodology and scientific advancements. The sole purpose is to disseminate accurate, updated knowledge, insure excellence of practice and promise the sharing of continued scientific advancement.

The Academy for IPT/IPTLD is interested in a solid holistic and integrated platform of healing and strengthening components: mind, body, spirituality, diet, nutrition, detoxification, immune system health and exercise, to support and strengthen the patient’s body to further increase the effectiveness of Insulin Potentiation Targeted Low Dose Therapy or IPTLD as a targeted cancer therapy to destroy the cancer, not the patient.

The Academy for IPT/IPTLD works along the lines of the inventor, the establisher, the founder and professor. As you know it was Donato Pérez García, MD (1896-1971) who invented “Insulin Potentiation Therapy” or IPT/IPTLD in 1930. The inventor taught IPT to his son, Donato Pérez García y Bellon, MD (1930-2000) who become an IPT Master and he taught and passed his IPT expertise on to Donato Pérez García, MD.


Dr.Hartmut Baltin, MD (Germany)
President of The Academy for IPT

Dr.Donato Pérez García, MD (Mexico)
Honorary President of the Academy for IPT
Board Member of the Academy for IPT

Thusrday October 13, 2016
Pre Conference Lectures

Introduction to Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT/IPTLD)

Open to health practitioners interested in learning Insulin Potentiation Therapy or IPT/IPTLD

Requirements to attend (LIMITED SEATS):

  1. a) Scanned copy of your Medical Diploma (MD, HMD, DO, ND, DVM)
  2. b) License number to practice medicine
  3. c) At least 5 years practicing medicine
  4. d) Digital C.V.
  5. e) Digital photo of the interested doctor
  6. f) A personal letter to Dr. Donato, requesting training in “Insulin Potentiation Therapy”.
  1. a) Please send this documentation* to:
  2. b) Fill out your registration form in the following link:

  1. c) Once approved, Dr. Donato will send you the total cost of certification and links to where you can make your payments via PayPal (the earlier you register, the more discount you’ll receive).* All documentation is private and confidential.

The information presented is aimed at health practitioners that want to learn for the first time IPT/IPTLD with Donato Pérez García, MD. You will receive a letter of participation and you can then schedule a hands on training for 5 days. If you participate in this introductory course, with the letter of participation when you decide to go for the Hands on training a discount of 75% will be given by Donato Pérez García, MD (this is a special offer only for participants of the 11th Global Conference on IPT/IPTLD) . All documentation is private and confidential.

The PROGRAM for Thursday October 13, 2015 (9 am till 6 pm)

(Fee 975 euro. (Early bird registration 675 euro March 29 – April 29, 2016) FEE IS NON REFUNDABLE:

09:00 am Registration
09:10 am History of IPT/IPTLD
09:20 am Introduction to the IPT/IPTLD I.P.T.L.D
09:30 am Patient Selection for IPT/IPTLD
10:30 am Description of an IPT/IPTLD Treatment
11:30 am Induction of Hypoglycemia with IPT/IPTLD
12:30 pm Management of Hypoglycemia with IPT/IPTLD 01:00 pm Lunch break, on your own
01:30 pm Lunch Break. on your own
03:00 pm The Therapeutic Moment & Monitoring and Evaluation of Patient with IPT/IPTLD
04:00 pm Clinical Cases of patients treated with IPT/IPTLD
05:00 pm Questions & Answers. Letter of attendance handout to each participant
06:00 pm End of Introductory course to IPT/IPTLD.

This course will give you access to the hands on 5 day training workshop with Donato Pérez García, MD., for a special fee of 2100 euros (a savings of 70% from the regular workshop fee. The offer of the five days hands on training workshop is for 11 months. Expires September 2017).

After completion of the 5 day workshop you will receive a Diploma as a Certified IPT/IPTLD Practitioner, License to practice IPT/IPTLD. Listing in the Official IPT/IPTLD Directory. At the end of your 5 day training you’ll be receiving an official I.P.T. Certification Diploma and Official I.P.T. Physician Credential, with approved seal from the teaching institute, Hospital Angeles, signed by Donato Pérez García, M.D. Name and credentials will be uploaded in the Official List of Certified IPT Physicians, endorsed and approved by Donato Pérez García, in his web sites, blogs and social networks. All documentation is private and confidential.