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Physicians, Trained and endorsed by Donato Pérez García, MD. Academy for IPT Education Director, Senior IPT Instructor (Insulin Protentiation Therapy).

The Academy for IPT represents the 80 years and 3 generations of Medical Doctors all named Donato Pérez García who have worked to bring forth an exceptional treatment for cancer & other degenerative diseases.



The Academy for IPT/IPTLD® is the official professional organization of IPT/IPTLD® physicians and was established to oversee the ethical, professional, scientific and business related development of IPT/IPTLD® within each member’s respective community and our global society at large. The intention of the Academy is to assure that IPT/IPTLD® is taught and practiced with knowledge and ethics and that all physicians involved are afforded the sharing of solid experience tempered with innovative excellence and that physicians are kept abreast in precise IPT methodology and scientific advancements. The sole purpose is to disseminate accurate, updated knowledge, insure excellence of practice and promise the sharing of continued scientific advancement.

The insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), also called Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose (IPTLD®), is a precise and well-founded type of therapy that can be applied as a gentle alternative to conventional chemotherapies in case of cancer diseases and borrelioses, rheumatic forms as well as viral and chronic diseases. Insulin potentiation therapy means that insulin enforces the effect of medicine: in other words, insulin “potentiates” (to potentiate: increase, multiply) the effect of medicine.


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